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Camoflex FIRE
Hooded jacket
High-waisted trousers.

Technical features.
Anatomic cut, in external neoprene lined with camouflage lycra
and split interior.
 Velcro neoprene beaver tail closure.
  Ears, shoulders, elbows, beaver tail
and lower back, knees, pre-formed.
  Edge to the face, wrists, ankles.
  High-waisted trousers.

  Heat-sealed sternal reinforcement
  Knee / elbow reinforcements.
  Beaver tail closure in Alamaro.
  Urine expulsion system.
  Reinforcements on the gluing, on the inside.
  Differentiated dungarees.
  TrickPower coupling
  TrickPower backrest
  Elbow reinforcements.
"NEOPRENE THICKNESS: from 3.5mm to 9.0mm

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